ForeFlight’s Latest Release Includes Cloud Forecasts and 3D Traffic

ForeFlight’s Latest Release Includes Cloud Forecasts and 3D Traffic

ForeFlight 12.10, which was recently released, includes a powerful new forecast weather layer in three different places: on the map, in Profile View and in 3D Preview. The Clouds layer provides a 24-hour forecast of cloud coverage from the ground to 63,000 feet, with sliders to view different forecast periods and altitudes. And like the existing Icing and Turbulence forecast layers, you can view the Clouds layer from multiple perspectives using Profile View and 3D Preview to easily visualize weather conditions along your planned route.

The Clouds forecast map layer is included in Pro Plus subscription plans and above, while the same layer in Profile View and 3D Preview is available with Performance Plus plans.

The 3D Airports view is also improved, now depicting live internet Traffic via FlightAware in three dimensions around the airport environment. Tap on any traffic target to reveal its recent flight path for a clearer picture of its movement. 3D Airports is included in Performance Plus plans.

The 12.10 upgrade also includes many additional mountain peak markers on the Basemap, a new Airport Terrain Information button that reveals significant terrain variations near an airport, and more.

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