Pilot Proficient Releases Pro Line Fusion Pilot Familiarization Course

Pilot Proficient Releases Pro Line Fusion Pilot Familiarization Course

Pilot Proficient, LLC, an online aviation training site, recently released a Pro Line Fusion Pilot Familiarization Course – a video-based training program designed to help familiarize transitioning pilots with the Fusion system, either prior to flying in a Fusion-equipped airplane or attending a formal training event.

The training focuses on demonstrating the actual techniques and functions used in the airplane and takes a practical approach to getting familiarized with the system, in order to help the pilot quickly become an asset in the cockpit.

The company says the training is not a replacement for any official training material or model-specific training that a flight crew might receive at FlightSafety or TRU, for example, but is an excellent supplement to that training.

The Familiarization Course features the following segments:

  • Introduction and Course/System Overview and Capabilities
  • Controls and Inputs
  • Preflight and Engine Start Phase
  • Departure/Climb Phase
  • Cruise Options and Holds
  • Descent Planning and Crossing Restrictions
  • Visual and Instrument Approaches
  • Missed Approach/Go-Arounds
  • Abnormal and Emergency Indications
  • System Tips, Tricks and Notes

Each segment features a video, with both multimedia presentation and in-cockpit video demonstrating the major functions of the Fusion system, and a quiz at the end of the segment. A score of 80% or better on each quiz is required to progress to the next course segment.

The course is offered at $499, with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Pilot Proficient has been in business since 2015, and also offers domestic RVSM and multi-engine ground school courses, with more in development. For more information, go to www.PilotProficient.com.

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