Service Letter MTL-27-01: Flight Controls – Control Column Master Link Aileron Interconnect Chain Inspection

Issued: September 20, 2017

Effectivity: King Air Models – C90GTi, Serial Numbers LJ-2100 through LJ-2135; B200GT, Serial Numbers BY-203 through BY-277; B200, Serial Numbers BB-2020 through BB-2021; B200C, Serial Number BL-171; B200CGT, Serial Number BZ-1; B300C, Serial Numbers FM-56 through FM-69; B300, Serial Numbers FL-911 through FL-923, FL-925 through FL-1085, FL-1087 through FL-1095

Compliance – Mandatory: This service document must be accomplished within 200 flight hours or 12 months from the date of receipt, whichever occurs first.

Reason: Master link clips may not be fully seated on the control column wheel interconnect chain assembly. Improperly installed master links could lead to loss of co-pilot aileron control.

Description: This service document provides parts and instructions to inspect for proper seating of master link clips on the control column wheel interconnect chain assembly. Replace master links if clips are not fully seated.

Service Letter MTL-27-01 REVISION (to above)

Issued: October 3, 2017

Reason: This sheet transmits Revision 1 to MTL-27-01, which:

    A. Clarifies that the inspection is accomplished on the control column, comprising two upper and two lower control wheel interconnects per side.

    B. Clarifies that the inspection does not apply to the primary aileron control cable.

Revision Compliance: No further action is necessary if the original issue of this service document was accomplished.

Service Bulletin MTB-32-01: Landing Gear – Safety Switch Improvement

Issued: September 25, 2017

Effectivity: King Air Model B300, Serial Numbers FL-493, FL-500 through FL-1124

Compliance – Optional: This service document can be accomplished at the discretion of the owner.

Reason: This service document incorporates circuit changes so that the pressurization system will not dump unless both the left and right landing gear safety switches show that the airplane is on the ground.

Description: This service document provides parts and instructions to modify the pressurization circuit.

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