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Technically …

From Service Bulletin MTB-33-01: Lights – Replacement of Entry and Ice Light Sockets

Date: Oct. 7, 2019

Effectivity: King Airs

Model 100, A100, Serial Numbers B-1 thru B-247;

Model A100-1 (U-21J), Serial Numbers BB-3 thru BB-5;

Model 200, B200, Serial Numbers BB-2, BB-6 thru BB-185, BB-187 thru BB-202, BB-204 thru BB-269, BB-271 thru BB-407, BB-409 thru BB-468, BB-470 thru BB-488, BB-490 thru BB-509, BB-511, BB-529, BB-531 thru BB-550, BB-552 thru BB-562, BB-564 thru BB-572, BB-574 thru BB-590, BB-592 thru BB-608, BB-610 thru BB-626, BB-628 thru BB-646, BB-666 thru BB-694, BB-696 thru BB-797, BB-799 thru BB-822, BB-824 thru BB-870, BB-872 thru BB-894, BB-896 thru BB-990, BB-992 thru BB-1051, BB-1053 thru BB-1092, BB-1094, BB-1095, BB-1099 thru BB-1104, BB-1106 thru BB-1116 , BB-1118 thru BB-1184, BB-1186 thru BB-1263, BB-1265 thru BB-1288, BB-1290 thru BB-1300, BB-1302 thru BB-1425, BB-1427 thru BB-1447, BB-1449, BB-1450, BB-1452, BB-1453, BB-1455, BB-1456, BB-1458 and On;

Model A200 (C-12C), Serial Numbers BC-1 thru BC-75, BD-1 thru BD-30;

Model B100, Serial Numbers BE-1 thru BE-137;

Model A200C (UC-12B), Serial Numbers BJ-1 thru BJ-66;

Model 200C, B200C, B200C (C-12F), Serial Numbers BL-1 thru BL-23, BL-25 thru BL-57, BL-61 thru BL-113, BL-115, BL-116, BL-118 and On;

Model 200CT, B200CT, Serial Numbers BN-1 thru BN-4;

Model A200CT (FWC-12D), Serial Numbers BP-7 thru BP-11;

Model 200T, B200T, Serial Numbers BT-1 thru BT-16, BT-18 thru BT-43;

Model B200C (UC-12F), Serial Numbers BU-1 thru BU-10;

Model B200C (UC-12M), Serial Numbers BV-1 thru BV-10;

Model B200C (C-12R), Serial Numbers BW-1 thru BW-29;

Model B200GT, Serial Numbers BY-1 thru BY-329;

Model B200CGT, Serial Number BZ-1;

Model A200CT (RC-12D), A200CT (RC-12H), Serial Numbers GR-1 thru GR-19;

Model 300, Serial Numbers FA-1 thru FA-239;

Model A200CT (RC-12G), Serial Numbers FC-1 thru FC-3;

Model A200CT (RC-12K), Serial Numbers FE-1 thru FE-9;

Model A200CT (RC-12K), Serial Numbers FE-10 thru FE-24;

Model A200CT (RC-12P), Serial Numbers FE-25 thru FE-31;

Model A200CT (RC-12Q), Serial Numbers FE-32, FE-34, FE-36;

Model 300, Serial Numbers FF-1 thru FF-19;

Model B300, Serial Numbers FL-1 thru FL-1153;

Model B300C, Serial Numbers FM-1 thru FM-76;

Model B300C, Serial Number FN-1;

Model F90, Serial Numbers LA-2 thru LA-236;

Model 65–90, B90, C90, C90A, C90GT, C90GTi, Serial Numbers LJ-1 thru LJ-2151;

Model H90 (T-44A), Serial Numbers LL-1 thru LL-61;

Model 65-A90, Serial Numbers LM-1 thru LM-141;

Model 65-A90-4 (RU-21E), 65-A90-4 (RU-21H), Serial Numbers LU-1 thru LU-18;

Model E90, Serial Numbers LW-1 thru LW-347;

Model 99, Serial Numbers U-1 thru U-49, U-51 thru U-145, U-147;

Model C99, Serial Numbers U-50, U-165 thru U-239

Reason: To provide a spares replacement for faulty entry and ice light sockets.

Compliance – Optional: This service document can be accomplished at the discretion of the owner.

Parts Availability: Please contact Textron Aviation Parts Distribution for current cost and availability of parts listed in this service document. Phone at 1-800-835-4000 (Domestic) or 1-316-517-5603 (International). Send email to:

Based on availability and lead times, parts may require advanced scheduling.

Warranty: None

From MTL 12-01R: Servicing – Air Conditioner Compressor Oil Quantity Manual Changes

NOTE: This revision replaces the original issue of MTL-12-01 in its entirety.

Date: Oct. 22, 2019 (Revision); Sept. 26, 2019 (Original)

Effectivity: King Air Model 200, B200, Serial Numbers BB-1978, BB-1988 and On; King Air Model B200GT, Serial Numbers BY-1 and On; King Air Model B200CGT, Serial Number BZ-1; King Air Model B300, Serial Numbers FL-493, FL-500 and On; King Air Model B300C, Serial Numbers FM-14 and On

NOTE: This service letter also applies to any airplane that has been modified with a 130-5509-001 Kit.

Reason: To communicate a change in the air conditioning system oil quantities listed in the maintenance manual for servicing.

Description: This service letter provides information for anyone replacing a 201-0450-3 King Air Keith System AC compressor on maintenance manual changes to Chapter 12, Air Conditioning System – Servicing. Oil quantity requirements change from 11 fluid ounces to 17 fluid ounces when servicing air conditioning system for the models listed in this service letter. A 201-0450-1 or 201-0450-2 King Air Keith System AC compressor still requires 11 ounces of oil.

Compliance – Informational: This service document is for informational purposes only.

NOTE: As a convenience, service documents are now available online to all our customers through a simple, free-of-charge registration process. If you would like to sign up, please visit the Customer Access link at to register.

The information provided in this column may be abbreviated for space purposes. For the entire communication, go to

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