From Multi-Engine Turboprop Communiqué ME-TP-0019

Issued: March 2020

ATA 5 – Flammable Fluid Carrying Hoses Replacement Requirement


Textron Aviation Engineering has approved the removal of the five-year requirement to replace the engine flammable fluid carrying hoses. This change has already taken place on the King Air 90, 200, B300 and 1900 Maintenance Manuals. Other manuals will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis when they are revised.

ATA 31 – Fusion PFD MISCOMPARE crew alerting system (CAS) message

On Fusion-equipped King Airs, PFD MISCOMPARE is an amber CAS message alerting the pilot that redundant data from dual systems is not agreeing between limits. There are several conditions that can trigger this “collector” message.

For troubleshooting, it is import­ant to know which specific display parameter was flagged when the message occurred. Another PFD annunciation (ALT, IAS, FD, ENG, ROL, PIT, HDG, RAD, LOC, FPV, FMS, VNV or GS) will be shown in conjunction with the PFD MISCOMPARE. An amber box around torque, ITT, prop or N1 indicates a mis-compare between engine instruments. The tolerance for each comparison is described in the Pro Line Fusion King Air Aircraft Maintenance Manual. Descriptions of each PFD flag and associated crew actions are described in the MISCOMPARE FLAGS section of the King Air Fusion Pilot’s Operating Handbook, section 3A.

ATA 56 – Storm Window Installation to Prevent Water Ingress


The King Air storm window, if not closed or aligned correctly, can let water into the cockpit while the airplane is parked in the rain. The King Air uses a two-seal system, a .22-inch neoprene seal on the frame side attached with 1300L adhesive and a thin rubber seal attached with RTV 103 attached to the window.

The neoprene seals over time can become crushed and deformed, once this occurs, adjustment of the window to overcome a leak can become ineffective. By applying more force at the window latch area and consequently the window hinge opposite of the latch it tends to create a bow in the window over time creating leaks on the window sides adjacent to the latch.

It is recommended that once a leak has developed on the storm windows that the airframe side seal be replaced, if the window side rubber seal is not damaged or deformed it should not be replaced. To prevent future leaks and ensure longer life of the seal, adjust the window to the seal using the following method:

Utilize a 1-inch wide by 6-8-inch long piece of paper to go around the periphery of the window closing the piece of paper in the window .

Slowly drag the paper out of the window seal feeling the tension of the seal against the paper. A medium drag should be noted; if the paper slides too easily, the window needs to be tighter, if the paper is too hard and it feels it may tear, the window is too tight and may damage the seal and bow the window.

If after replacing the airframe side seal and there are still areas of the window that do not make contact with the seal it may be necessary to replace the rubber on the window itself.

Once the proper tension is determined a water leak check should be carried out to ensure proper sealing of the window.

Service Bulletin MTB-57-01 A: Wings – Inspect the Aft Upper and Lower Wing Bolts for Correct Washer and Replace if Needed

Original Issue: March 5, 2020
Revision A: April 14, 2020

Effectivity: Beechcraft King Air Model 90, 200 and 300 Series Aircraft Owners

Reason: To do an inspection of the left and right wing, aft, upper and lower wing bolts for incorrectly installed 95-110025-3 Washer.

Compliance – Recommended: This service document should be accomplished during the wing bolt inspection of the aft, upper and lower wing attach points outlined in the Structural Inspection and Repair Manual, Chapter 57.

Airplanes previously modified by this service bulletin should complete Steps 4 and 5 (listed on MTB-57-01 A online), if the right wing, aft, upper and lower wing bolts have not been inspected.

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