Technically: King Air Customer Service Letter #CSL-KA 2016-01

Technically: King Air Customer Service Letter #CSL-KA 2016-01

TechIssued: May 11, 2016

Re: Updated Integrated Modular Avionics Configuration Index Table (ICIT) file for Fusion Equipped King Airs

Serial Numbers Listed Below

King Air aircraft outfitted with Rockwell Collins Fusion avionics have experienced occasional OMST file corruptions at power up. When this file corruption occurred, it caused a configuration fault at the next power cycle and a DO NOT TAKE OFF message would be displayed on all displays. These occurrences were initially reduced by utilizing the power-up sequence detailed below.

1. The Battery Switch is a three position switch with the lowest position labeled “OFF,” center is labeled “GND OPS” and top position is labeled “ON.” The “GND OPS” position is used for ground communications prior to engine start. When turning the battery switch on, it must be paused at the “GND OPS” position, to allow the pilot’s Primary Flight Display (PFD) to power up, until the screen below is displayed.

PFD screenbattery switch2. Once the screen is displayed, the Battery Switch can be placed in the ON position and normal Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) procedures can be followed.

To provide a solution to mitigate this issue, a new ICIT file has been created. This updated file will help prevent the DO NOT TAKE OFF message from being displayed. The new ICIT file has been released as part of a new software load set part number 434-310011-0003. The update to the new software load set is covered in kit 434-3006-0001.


Airplane Serial Number


FL-954, FL-1010, FL-1031 through FL-1041, FL-1043, FL-1046 through FL-1049, FL-1051, FL-1053 through FL-1055, FL-1057, FL-1059 through FL-1061, FL-1063


BY-207, BY-239, BY-250 through BY-258



The kit applies to the aircraft serials shown above. All other production aircraft were updated prior to certification. Note that this update does not apply to aircraft with Fusion installed under an STC.

This letter provides authorization to install the kit on the aircraft listed above and file for two hours labor warranty credit. All warranty work must be performed by an Authorized Textron Aviation Service Center rated to perform maintenance on the specific model of aircraft to ensure claim reimbursement. The warranty expires 12 months from issue date.

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