Technically – King Air Communiqué 2016-03

Technically – King Air Communiqué 2016-03

TechIssued: March 2016
ATA 05 – Flammable-Liquid-Carrying Hoses Replacement Clarification
The King Air Inspection Program calls for the flammable-liquid-carrying hoses in the engine compartment to be replaced every five years. The Inspection Guide clarifies which hoses are to be replaced by stating: “Beechcraft Corporation-supplied hoses only.” The intent of this statement is to differentiate the Beechcraft designed hoses from the Pratt & Whitney Canada hoses found in the engine compartment, which are not included as part of this requirement.
Some operators are interpreting this note to read, that if a particular airplane has hoses from a supplier other than Beechcraft, then this replacement requirement does not apply. That is not the case if the airplane is being maintained under the Beechcraft Phase Inspection program, unless the hoses were installed under a Supplemental Type Certificate calling for a different replacement interval.

ATA 34 – Pro Line 21 King Air Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) with Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Out Transponders Installed
Textron Aviation has released Kit 101-3416-0001 to add ADS-B Out capability to the B200/B200C/B200GT/B200CGT and B350/B350C model King Airs with Pro Line 21 avionics. This kit requires the installation of a Collins TDR 94D transponder part number (P/N) 622-9210501. This transponder part number is not currently listed in the required RVSM equipment lists in the airplane maintenance manuals or the RVSM Supplemental Type Certificate Initial and Continued Airworthiness documents. These documents may be updated in the future to include the new part number, however in the interim these transponders are still approved for use in RVSM-capable airplanes through the notes provided at the bottom of the required equipment tables. As shown below, the note allows alternate transponders to be installed as long as they meet or exceed one of the Technical Standard Orders (TSO) listed.
wheel well* – Transponder units may differ from those listed in Table, provided the configuration meets or exceeds the requirements of one of the following Technical Standard Orders (TSO): TSOC66A or TSO-C74C (Mode C) and TSO-C112 (Class 2a; Mode S). If only one transponder is installed in the airplane, it must be capable of reporting from both the pilot’s and copilot’s air data systems.

The Collins 622-9210-501 transponder does exceed these requirements as stated in an excerpt released from the Collins TDR94/94D ATC/Mode-S Transponder System (-5xx) Installation Manual, P/N 523-0821492 (example shown in original Communiqué). If you have any questions concerning the transponder or RVSM capability, please contact Textron Aviation customer support at (800) 429-5372, (316) 676-3140, or by email at

ATA 32 – Nose Landing Gear Wheel Well Under-Coating

The King Air nose landing gear wheel well area is coated with an under-coating protection material (refer to the photo) and then the area is painted white. This product, Tectyl 351S, can be obtained from many sources online.
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