Value Added: FreeFlight Systems announces Complete ADS-B solution for Twin Turboprop aircraft

Value Added: FreeFlight Systems announces Complete ADS-B solution for Twin Turboprop aircraft

FreeFlight Systems announced that it has launched the Avail Performance Package that provides a cost-effective and complete ADS-B solution for King Air and twin turboprop aircraft. Included in the Avail package is dual 1090 Mode S/ES transponders, a RANGR-RX/G 978 ADS-B receiver with an internal WAAS/GPS, integrated WiFi, and a single control head. These remote-mounted solutions will provide twin turboprop aircraft a modular, all-in-one solution to equip with ADS-B In and Out for the upcoming January 1, 2020 mandate.

The FDL-1090-TX is one of the smallest Mode S/ES transponders available today – the unit can be mounted anywhere within the pressure vessel. The control head’s intuitive user interface features positive control knobs and push buttons for squawk codes designation, IDENT and VFR operations on the sunlight-readable, backlit LED display, and fits in a standard two-and-a-quarter inch instrument mounting.

The TSO-certified RANGR-RX/G serves as the compliant position source required for ADS-B and provides pilots with critical ADS-B Flight Information Services Broadcast (FIS-B) and Traffic Information Services Broadcast (TIS-B) data, both modernizing the aircraft cockpit and drastically improving situational awareness. The RANGR-RX offers clients an installed solution that provides inflight ADS-B In information to a multitude of preferred MFDs, mobile EFBs, and tablet devices for viewing traffic and weather while inflight.

The company said that with just over two years remaining to meet the ADS-B rule, there is a lack of cost-effective, high-quality options for twin turboprop aircraft, and this is an ideal solution where a non-disruptive, remote-mounted option is preferred.

FreeFlight also announced that it has partnered with Avidyne to offer an ADS-B solution for Avidyne’s IFD series GPS/com navigators. The solution includes Avidyne’s IFD and AXP340 or AXP322 ADS-B-Out-capable mode-S transponder plus FreeFlight’s Rangr-RX ADS-B In receiver. Avidyne can provide the entire package at a bundled rate.

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