Value Added: New Items in ForeFlight 10 Revealed

Value Added: New Items in ForeFlight 10 Revealed

ForeFlight recently announced some added capabilities to ForeFlight 10: new smart airspace features, improved search capability to help you find what you need faster, automatic chart and data updates to keep your device ready to fly and more.

  • ForeFlight’s improved app-wide Search functionality is smarter, faster, and more consistent across app views. It quickly finds routes, cities, airports, aeronautical information, and procedures, as well as street addresses or intersections, place names (e.g.: “Central Park”), and scheduled flights.
  • Automatic downloads reduce preflight workload – you now have the option to automatically download chart and data updates when connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Airspace in Profile View* enhances planning and navigation. In addition to terrain and obstacles, Profile View now features an interactive vertical depiction of controlled, MOA, SUA, and TFR airspaces along your planned route. In the air, Profile View shows the aircraft’s altitude in relation to airspace along the flight track in real time.
  • Automatic Airspace Highlight* considers the flight’s climb, cruise and descent trajectory and uses Aeronautical Maps* layer to automatically highlight airspace near the aircraft or along the flight route. All other airspace dims to reduce visual clutter on the map.
  • ForeFlight now features Jeppesen’s global airspace information for FIRs, UIRs, controlled airspace, and special use airspace. Tap-hold anywhere on the Maps view to access center and radio frequencies, RVSM cruise tables, operational notes, speed restrictions, prior notification procedures, and communication details for CPDLC and satellite services

         * available in Pro Plus

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