Value Added: ForeFlight 9.6 Now Available

Value Added: ForeFlight 9.6 Now Available

The new version contains improvements in the following areas:

Pack from Flights View for Better Workflow

The Flights tab organizes flight planning into a logical and efficient workflow. And now you can Pack right from this view, ensuring you have the charts, weather, NOTAMs, and data needed for flight. Pack analyzes your route to determine the data you need, then prompts you to download with a single tap. Pack also includes Icing and Turbulence map layers for Pro Plus and Performance subscribers.

Faster, Smarter Routes

For Performance subscribers, the new Recommended Route feature (formerly AviationCloud Autoroute) gives you the best route based on your detailed aircraft performance profile, current and forecast wind and temperature data, and time/fuel savings, while also accounting for preferred and trending ATC cleared routes. Use Recommended Route for more ‘cleared as filed’ flight plans optimized for your aircraft.

Airport and Runway Closure Warnings

Prominent warning banners make it clear when an airport or runway is closed by NOTAM. The closure warnings are updated in flight when connected to Stratus, Scout, select Garmin equipment, or other compatible ADS-B In accessories.

To find other new items in version 9.6 go to or go to the App store to download the new version.

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