Value Added: Garmin Announces New Connext Packages Offering Expanded Value and Increased Flexibility for Customers

Value Added: Garmin Announces New Connext Packages Offering Expanded Value and Increased Flexibility for Customers

Garmin International, Inc. recently announced expanded Connext weather and data service packages that provide additional cost-effective pricing tiers offering all-inclusive rate plans designed to suit operational needs for global weather and connectivity. Aircraft equipped with the GSR 56 satellite datalink transceiver and compatible avionics can take advantage of these new rate plans starting as low as $79.99 per month. Additionally, qualifying customers with a GSR 56 installed in their aircraft that do not currently have an active subscription are eligible for a complimentary three-month promotional service plan.

A new, “Get Acquainted” promotional rate plan provides qualified customers with complimentary access to text and weather services for the first three months. Once the promotional period expires, customers are automatically enrolled into the Connext 150 service plan. For customers who do not currently have active service, this new incentive offers an even more cost-effective path to subscribing to the Connext weather and data service packages via the GSR 56.

For new and existing customers, cost-effective rate plans that are applicable to a wide range of operators around the world1 are available. Voice calling and text messaging accompany worldwide weather data in three packages, which are tailored to how frequent customers fly. Recreational and corporate operators with a GSR 56 can take advantage of the all-inclusive plans below:

  • Garmin Connext Weather 150 $79.99 monthly2
  • Garmin Connext Weather 400 $174.99 monthly2
  • Garmin Connext Weather 800 (new rate plan) $249.99 monthly2

Each plan is tailored to the number of hours that pilots typically operate throughout the year. For example, Connext Weather 150 is ideal for customers that operate 150 hours or less per year and provides worldwide weather updates at 10-minute intervals. This package also includes 30 minutes of voice per month and unlimited text messaging. Connext Weather 800 offers customers averaging 800 flight hours per year, access to worldwide weather updates at five-minute intervals. Connext Weather 800 also includes 180 minutes of voice and 500 text messages per month.

With a compatible G1000® NXi integrated flight deck or GTN 650/750 touchscreen navigator and the Flight Stream 510, customers receive additional Connext service benefits. Flight Stream 510 is a small MultiMediaCard (MMC) that enables communication between the G1000 NXi or GTN 650/750 and up to two compatible Apple mobile devices operating Garmin Pilot. With Flight Stream 510, customers can pair an Apple mobile device operating Garmin Pilot to the G1000 NXi or GTN to access text and voice services enabled by a GSR 56 satellite datalink3. While in-flight and on the ground, pilots can quickly send and receive text messages with a mobile device and conveniently utilize the phone’s existing contact database. Similarly, customers can initiate phone calls on an Apple mobile device within Garmin Pilot, so it’s easier to complete phone calls over a headset while in flight.

Connext service plans for the GSR 56 datalink transceiver are available immediately. To subscribe to any one of these plans, visit: For additional information, contact Garmin Aviation Services at +1 (866) 739-5687 or

  1. Cstomers in Brazil, please contact Garmin for plan information
  2. One-year subscription contract required, cancellation fees apply
  3. Requires a GSR 56 Iridium datalink and a Connext service plan

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