CenTex Offers King Air 200 HST Package

CenTex Offers King Air 200 HST Package

CenTex Aerospace is offering a King Air 200 HST package that combines the Halo 275 and ST120 saddle tank conversion kits. The package is priced at $260,000 (not including installation) which the company says provides a savings of $25,500.

The HST package supports the King Air 200 with high-flotation landing gear with an MTOW of 14,000 pounds and a maximum landing weight of 13,500 pounds. CenTex says with the package installed, the airplane can fly up to 2,200 nm or an endurance of nine hours. The ST120 saddle tanks can hold 120 gallons of fuel while providing more than nine cubic feet of storage in the wing. Also, for King Air 200s with serial numbers BB-1444 or later, the maximum zero fuel weight is increased to 11,500 pounds with the addition of the HST package.

CenTex also offers ST190 saddle tanks which adds 1,273 pounds (190 gallons) of usable fuel, increasing loiter time by three hours or range by 700 nm. The company says its saddle tank systems do not rely on valves or pumps and work seamlessly with the existing fuel system to integrate the additional fuel.

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