Garmin adds Latest FIS-B Weather Products to the GTN 650/750 series

Garmin adds Latest FIS-B Weather Products to the GTN 650/750 series

Garmin is pleased to announce several new enhancements and the addition of new features within the GTN 650/750 series touch-screen navigators. With the latest software update and a compatible ADS-B In receiver, pilots can now view new FIS-B weather products on the GTN. These features and more are available immediately from Garmin Authorized Dealers. This upgrade is available from Garmin at no charge. A dealer installation charge may apply.

When paired with a compatible ADS-B In product such as the GTX 345 or GDL 88, pilots can now access the latest FIS-B weather products on the moving map alongside flight plan information and dedicated weather pages within the GTN 650/750. These new weather products include lightning, cloud tops, turbulence, icing (current and forecasted), graphical AIRMETs and center weather advisories (CWA). This adds to the growing number of Garmin products that already support these new weather products, including Garmin Pilot on Apple mobile devices, G3X Touch and the aera 660 aviation portable.

Additional features

  • The GTN 650/750 now displays a selected altitude intercept arc on the moving map when it’s installed with a Garmin primary flight display (PFD) such as the G500 TXi/G600 TXi, G500/G600 or G3X Touch. When pilots input a preselected altitude on the PFD, the selected altitude arc will populate on the map page to indicate where the aircraft will arrive at that particular altitude.
  • For customers with SiriusXM aviation weather, pilots now have the option to alternate between base reflectivity and composite reflectivity NEXRAD weather radar imagery.
  • Pilots operating into airports throughout the world that are not served by SBAS can now receive advisory vertical guidance (LNAV+V) while flying LNAV approaches with the GTN 650/750.
  • When SiriusXM aviation weather or FIS-B weather cannot be displayed on the GTN 650/750, the “no coverage” area of weather is transparent so pilots can still view airports, basemap information and more.

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