Technically: Service Bulletin 30-4166: REVISION TRANSMITTAL – Ice and Rain Protection – Air Intake – Ram Air Recovery System

Technically: Service Bulletin 30-4166: REVISION TRANSMITTAL – Ice and Rain Protection – Air Intake – Ram Air Recovery System

Issued: Revision 1 – June 29, 2017; Original – March 9, 2017

Revision 1 to SB 30-4166:

A. Adds instructions for lower forward cowling repair in Step 6 of the Accomplishment Instructions.

B. Corrects a serial number in Step 7 of the Accomplishment Instructions.

C. Adds Figure 2.

D. Adds the 101-910020-3 Vane, S3806-9 Sheet Metal Repair Kit, S3806-10 Sheet Metal Repair Kit, and S3806-11 Sheet Metal Repair Kit to Material Information.

NOTE: This revision replaces the original issue of SB 30-4166 in its entirety.

Revision Compliance: NO EFFECT. Airplanes previously modified by this service bulletin are not affected by this revision.

Effectivity: B200GT (Super King Air) Serial Numbers BY-122, BY-128 thru BY-278 with Raisbeck Engineering Ram Air Recovery System (STC SA3366NM) installed.

The equivalent of this service bulletin has been incorporated on production airplanes BY-279 and On for the brush issue and BY-222 and On for the remainder of issues.

Compliance – Recommended: This service bulletin should be accomplished within the next 200 flight hours or 12 months, whichever occurs first.

A service bulletin published by Textron Aviation may be recorded as “completed” in an aircraft log only when the following requirements are satisfied:

  1. The mechanic must complete all of the instructions in the service bulletin, including the intent therein.
  2. The mechanic or airplane owner must use the technical data in the service bulletin only as approved and published.
  3. The mechanic or airplane owner must apply the information in the service bulletin only to aircraft serial numbers identified in the Effectivity section of the bulletin.
  4. The mechanic or airplane owner must use maintenance practices that are identified as acceptable standard practices in the aviation industry and governmental regulations.

No individual or corporate organization other than Textron Aviation is authorized to make or apply any changes to a Textron Aviation-issued service bulletin, service letter, or flight manual supplement without prior written consent from Textron Aviation.

Textron Aviation is not responsible for the quality of maintenance performed to comply with this document, unless the maintenance is accomplished at a Textron Aviation-owned and Textron Aviation-authorized Service Center.

Reason: This service bulletin is being issued to do a one-time inspection for Textron Aviation-approved factory installed Raisbeck Ram Air Recovery System (RARS) and to verify rigging as required per Raisbeck STC SA3366NM and Raisbeck Engineering Document 93-1021.

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